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The Face Kit

Don’t be surprised if everyone keeps asking where you got that healthy glow from. #benaïf

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  • For a clean and healthy skin
  • Contains nourishing ingredients and a natural SPF
  • Paraben-free

Your face and your hands (verwijzing), are directly exposed to the air outside and therefore, to a lot of pollution and UV radiation. This means that it has a lot to endure. Cleaning and care are crucial to maintain a healthy skin. So clean and moisturize your skin every day.

The Face Kit contains a cleanser that you can apply to dry skin, in the evening and in the morning. Then, gently massage it into the skin and rinse with lukewarm water. It can also be used for eye makeup. Now choose the day or night cream. Did you know that our day cream contains a natural SPF made with tomato extract? Oh, and we do not distinguish between skin types, so the products are perfect for your skin.

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Ingredients we use

What does Naïf contain? Or, better yet: what do these ingredients entail? At Naïf we keep things as simple as possible. No-nonsense products that do exactly what they are supposed to do: provide you with a fresh look at cosmetics. They nourish, clean and give you a healthy glow, literally from head to toe. Learn more about our ingredients here.


Did you know that a rested body equals beautiful skin?

If you sleep less than 6 hours a night, you are likely to look dull and tired. In general, it is advised that you sleep at least 8 hours per night. This is especially important now than ever because we are constantly dealing with a lot of stress and the body needs its rest. Read more on how the lack of sleep can affect your skin here.


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Free shipping in Europe from €50 outside Europe from €200

EU orders delivered within 2 working days