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Naïf No-nonsense skincare

Naïf has babies covered from hair to toes and everything in between. Made from only seriously natural ingredients We make the highest quality products because your baby deserves nothing but the best, naturally.

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When we became dads a lot changed, even our shopping habits. We were thrust into the confusing world of baby care and we even started reading labels. Like any parent we only want the best for our children and we discovered that when it comes to skin products it’s hard to know what’s really good and what is actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

We believe that kids are perfect just the way they are and we refuse to argue with natural perfection that is why Naïf is serious about protecting babies and children from nasty chemicals. We believe kids should be kids for as long as they can. Kids do that best when they are left to grow and discover the world as naturally as possible.

We take kids seriously and are serious about natural skin care, with a playful twist.

Sjoerd en Jochem

Hey there beautiful you!

Naïf is a natural skincare line for babies and children, made only from the best ingredients. We only use ingredients we can pronounce, like cottonseed oil, sweet almond oil, macadamia oil and avocado oil.

We listened to the experts, to the parents and our babies and what we created is a range of products that are natural, dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, and PH skin natural. No chemicals. No pastel colors. No bull****. Naïf sees the adult world through the eyes of children and this refreshing perspective with a dash of humor will appeal to parents and kids of all ages. Kids always want to be more grown up, they want to be taken seriously, and grown ups (secretly) love nothing more than to let go and act a little childish.


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Have a seriously natural day!

Free shipping in Europe from €50
outside Europe from €200

Delivered within
10 working days

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