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8 x Tips to cope with a Summer Pregnancy

20 May 2020 by Sjoerd Trompetter

When you’re pregnant, your body temperature is generally a little higher than normal due to hormonal changes, increased blood flow, and the heat produced by the placenta. So being pregnant during the summer months can make life even more difficult. We know that a lot of women are struggling with this and that’s why we want to help ease the discomfort! Below, we have put together 8 useful tips on how to cope with a summer pregnancy.

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If you (or your wife!) are experiencing heat rashes, insomnia, hot flushes and swollen ankles due to the summer heat then you’re not alone. A lot of pregnant women are going through the same thing. However, it’s important not to let these discomforts ruin your beautiful experience of carrying a child. After all, bringing a child to life is one of the most wonderful things

1. Stay hydrated

Don’t wait until you feel thirsty! Have small, but regular, sips of water throughout the day. Sweltering hot days, constant sweating, and regular pee trips make it far too easy for you to become dehydrated. Our advice would be to keep a water bottle with you at all times.

Getting bored of sipping water? Then spice it up with seasonal fruits! Try adding slices of strawberry or cucumber into your water!

2. Beware of the sun

Did you know that pregnant women tend to have more sensitive skin and are prone to burning and blotching? This is why it is important to always wear sunscreen when you’re outside and reapply sunscreen every two hours.

The bigger question is, how to choose a good sunscreen? Especially during your pregnancy, you want to avoid being in contact with harmful chemicals as much as possible because this can affect your baby in the womb. This is why our products are made from natural and real ingredients. Our Sunscreen Face SPF 30 and Protecting Sunscreen Body SPF 30 do not contain mineral oils, chemical preservations or harsh chemicals. They are suitable for you (during your pregnancy).

It is equally important to avoid being in direct sunlight between 12:00 and 15:00 because this is when the sun is at its peak. Try doing outdoor tasks early in the morning or later in the evening when the sun is lower.

3. Carry a spray bottle with you

Misting yourself with cool water can help with cooling your body’s temperature!

4. Go with the flow

AKA dress light! Avoid wearing dark colours because they attract sun’s rays. Instead, wear light-coloured and breathable clothes to keep you cool. Stick to cotton!

5. Keep feet up

This is to alleviate swelling. Elevating your feet can help with swollen feet. Try it!

6. Minimise salt intake

This can be a tough one because it’s not like you can always control your pregnancy cravings. But when possible, try to lay off the salt. Reducing your sodium intake is an easy way to ease inflammation and swelling during the summer months. However, don’t cut it out completely because iodine is essential for your baby’s health.

7. Take a dip

If you don’t live close to a beach or a pool, then consider splurging on a small paddle pool for your backyard. Alternatively, you can take quick and regular showers throughout the day to keep your body’s temperature down. Make sure to use a mild shower gel because, as mentioned earlier, your skin can be extra sensitive during pregnancy months. So use a skin-friendly product, like our Naïf Shower Gel, to ensure that your skin stays far away from harmful chemicals.

8. Have enough rest

Sometimes there’s no better way to beat the heat than taking a nap. So we advise that you take as much rest as you can. After all, it might be harder to take naps when the baby arrives.

Photo credit: Alexandra Gorn

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