10 Amazing and Affordable Gifts for a Sustainable Holiday

🎵 All I want for Christmas is… 🎵

December is the month for gifting. We all know that amazing feeling of giving a well-though gift— and seeing your loved ones light up with joy! Nevertheless, finding the perfect gift can be quite the challenge. Especially, when you want to be as sustainable and zero-waste as possible. Thankfully— Naïf is able to help out with this dilemma! How? Well, keep reading to discover 10 amazing sustainable gifts (and brands) for her and him! 🎄

Our baby products: what to use and when to use?

For a new parent, choosing baby products for your child can be confusing. It is not unusual for new parents to accumulate a lot of baby products. However, at Naïf, we believe that body care should be simple. This is why we only make products that your baby really need. In this blog, we have gathered some tips and tricks on how to use our baby products and when to use them.