Naïf launches world’s first circular beautyproduct

Naïf launches the ‘Circular Face Scrub’ and is the first brand to launch a circular beauty product with calcite. The Circular Face Scrub is part of a consumer marketing campaign to raise awareness for what goes down the drain when having a shower. In the product the ingredient ‘calcite’ is used, which is extracted by Aquaminerals from Dutch tapwater.

5 x Essential ingredients in baby skincare

A baby skin is delicate, pure and sensitive. This means that it is important to only use natural and non-harmful products on your child's skin. After all, we only want what’s best for our little ones. We have listed 5 indispensable ingredients in baby care below.

5x Avocado Super Power

Avocado's are healthy. Avocado's contain a lot of fat. Avocado's contain many calories. Yes yes, the avocado is famous! But what are the superpowers of avocado in skincare?

Why our shampoo doesn’t foam

After a day of work, a shower feels good. Me-time. Your hair and body completely covered in scented shower foam. The more, the better, right? Sorry my love we have some news: what makes your hair foamy can also make you lose it (source: De Goede Gids, Marieke Eyskoot, NL).

5 Biggest Skincare Trends This Summer!

Well, we wouldn’t really call it a trend. After all, it’s all about giving your skin the best and doing what makes your skin happy and healthy. Natural skincare is becoming increasingly popular and a lot of changes are happening. Read more below.

Fact or fiction: Can you really get sunburnt through clothes?

Not true. Clothing hinders some of the UV radiation. But, by how much? This depends on the thickness and structure of the fabric of your clothes. However, it is important to note that you can still burn through your clothes. A dry white T-shirt offers merely a protection of SPF 15. This is too little protection if your child is outside all day.

Do you always have to protect your skin from the sun, even if it is not during the summer?

Despite the fact that UV radiation is one of the biggest enemies for people with dry skin and those that struggle with wrinkle formation, most people still do not sufficiently protect themselves from the sun. During the summer, we immediately start applying sunscreen. But is it really necessary to apply sunscreen every day? Even if the sun does not shine? Here’s what our dermatologist, Elian Brenninkmeijer, has to say.