Naïf launches world’s first circular beautyproduct

Naïf launches the ‘Circular Face Scrub’ and is the first brand to launch a circular beauty product with calcite. The Circular Face Scrub is part of a consumer marketing campaign to raise awareness for what goes down the drain when having a shower. In the product the ingredient ‘calcite’ is used, which is extracted by Aquaminerals from Dutch tapwater.

5 x Essential ingredients in baby skincare

A baby skin is delicate, pure and sensitive. This means that it is important to only use natural and non-harmful products on your child's skin. After all, we only want what’s best for our little ones. We have listed 5 indispensable ingredients in baby care below.

5x Avocado Super Power

Avocado's are healthy. Avocado's contain a lot of fat. Avocado's contain many calories. Yes yes, the avocado is famous! But what are the superpowers of avocado in skincare?

Why our shampoo doesn’t foam

After a day of work, a shower feels good. Me-time. Your hair and body completely covered in scented shower foam. The more, the better, right? Sorry my love we have some news: what makes your hair foamy can also make you lose it (source: De Goede Gids, Marieke Eyskoot, NL).

5 Biggest Skincare Trends This Summer!

Well, we wouldn’t really call it a trend. After all, it’s all about giving your skin the best and doing what makes your skin happy and healthy. Natural skincare is becoming increasingly popular and a lot of changes are happening. Read more below.