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Fact or fiction: waterproof sunscreen also works after swimming

28 May 2020 by

A lot of people often opt for a sunscreen that is waterproof. However, is this waterproof feature really beneficial in a sunscreen? Also, does a waterproof sunscreen still work on you and your child after being out of the water?

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Myth: although waterproof sunscreens are more resistant to water than non-waterproof sunscreens, you (and your child!) still need to apply sunscreen onto your body once you’re out of the water. Even the most water-resistant sunscreen can be wiped out by water, sweat, clothes, and it can also just dry out. What about the Sunscreen SPF 30 or SPF 50 for baby & kids?

Mineral filter vs chemical filter

Our sunscreens have mineral filters. The benefit of this is that, compared to a sunscreen with a chemical filter, it works immediately when you apply the layer onto the skin. Always safety first! You can read more about UV radiation here.

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