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Fact or fiction: Can you really get sunburnt through clothes?

11 May 2020 by

Not true. Clothing hinders some of the UV radiation. But, by how much? This depends on the thickness and structure of the fabric of your clothes. However, it is important to note that you can still burn through your clothes. A dry white T-shirt offers merely a protection of SPF 15. This is too little protection if your child is outside all day.

Fact or fable: With clothing on, you cannot get sunburn

There is also a special type of clothing that stops UV radiation. This type of clothing offers protection similar to a sunscreen with SPF 50. You can buy this type of outfit from Beach and Bandits. Make sure to also wear a hat with a wide brim to protect your face.

But beware: you must also apply sunscreen on all body parts that are not covered. Use a sunscreen with a mineral filter, like our Naif Sunscreen, to maximize the sun protection. Re-apply sunscreen on yourself and your child every two hours. You can read more about sun protection here.

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