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Fact or fiction: Are you completely protected against UV radiation under an umbrella?

11 May 2020 by

Spring is finally here and the sun is out! However, as much as we enjoy being in the sun, sometimes it can get too warm so –up- under that umbrella. One question though, can an umbrella protect us from UV radiation?

This one is loud and clear: definitely a fiction.

Do you know why? An umbrella only stops about 40% of the UV radiation. The rest of the harmful radiation can still reach your skin through reflections. After all, an umbrella is not completely around you. Even if that’s the case, you are still exposed to UV radiation. Being under an umbrella may limit the damage, but it does not completely protect you from UV radiation. So what can you do? Apply a good sunscreen on your skin! Sunscreens with mineral filters like the Sunscreen SPF 30 Face and the Sunscreen SPF 30 Body are both great choices. You can also read more about sun protection here.

Most umbrellas are made from synthetic materials, such as nylon, and are not made of UV-resistant materials. This is why UV radiation can still reach your skin. You may think you are ‘safe’ in the shade, but that’s not always the case. So we recommend investing in a good umbrella with UV-resistant fabric (tip: Ikea!). And as always, apply sunscreen!

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