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4 pack Natural Haircare Shampoo & Conditioner

Deeply cleanse and condition with the Naïf natural hair care bundle!

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  • No irritant foaming agents (SLS / SLES) and parabens
  • Mild for the scalp
  • For all hair types
  • Anti-static effect

Clean, healthy, and shiny hair is important. We get that, but equally important is that your natural hair care routine makes and keeps your hair (outrageously) soft! Rich coconut oil and fibers cleanse, while linseed oil and Omega-3 fatty acids condition the scalp and promote strong roots.

Fully vegan and packaged in handy bio-plastic squeeze bottles, you will definitely contribute to a greener future!

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How to use Naïf natural hair care products: 3 steps

1. Cleansing
Wet your hair and distribute the shampoo with your fingertips. Then massage the shampoo throughout your hair and let it soak in.

2. Scalp massage
Massage the conditioner well (refrain from using your nails). A head massage is not only pleasant but also stimulates the roots, which in turn has a positive effect on your hair growth.

3. Condition and rinse
Time to rinse off the shampoo and distribute the conditioner evenly throughout your hair. We recommend letting the conditioner soak in for 5 min. while you finish the rest of your shower routine.

Done? Make sure to properly wash out the conditioner. Dry hair with a micro-fiber towel to avoid hair snagging and frizziness.


Why Naïf?
Every human being is born naturally naive: positive, open-minded, and innocent. We want to keep it that way by making the most natural skincare products. How? By using only natural ingredients, natural packaging, and having an honest approach to beauty.

Naïf Nourishing Shampoo
In addition to the basic ingredient, such as Water, we also use dried coconut fibers and fatty acids from coconut oil for a light foaming effect. To nourish your hair and create a glorious shine we have added flaxseed, which contains an enormous amount of Omega 3 fatty acids. And preservatives? They are all-natural, so no worries!

Naïf Nurturing conditioner
Our natural conditioner is formulated with water, linseed, and sunflower oil. Linseed has a nourishing effect and keeps your hair from frizzing, and sunflower oil is rich in healthy fats! In addition, we keep the product good by using natural preservatives, such as Salt (‘Sodium’), Citric Acid, and Alcohol (Fermented Sugar).

Want to know more about our ingredients? Then check here!

Packaging & how to recycle

All our new tubes are made from bioplastic ( sugar cane) – which means they have negative CO2 emissions.

You can recognize our bioplastic tubes by the logo on the top left corner of the packaging. When the tube is empty, unscrew the cap and throw both parts out with the rest of your plastic waste.

Why do I have to unscrew the cap? Because they are still made of PET.

Do you have a packaging without a bioplastic logo? Then you don’t have to unscrew the cap but you can throw it all in the plastic waste recycle bin.

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