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The Baby and Mom Kit

Take care of your baby, but never forget yourself honey!

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  • For you and your child
  • Nourishes and protects the young and older skin
  • Vegan and Natural

As a mother, how nice is it to give your baby a bath? You want to give your child the best, from day one. That is why our products only contain natural and nourishing ingredients, perfectly suited for a baby’s skin. But, eh … The Mom & Baby Kit is also there for you. You will be using your hands quite a lot from now on! And they will regularly come into contact with water. Do not forget to apply moisturizer to them and consciously take a moment for yourself. Take care of your baby, but never forget yourself, honey!

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What's in it?

A mom and her mini-me are inseparable. And what is more fun than taking a bath together? Exactly, nothing. The Naïf Gift Box for Babies & Babes contains all the essentials for a mini-spa for babes with a baby.

Naïf Baby Milky Bath Oil: a bath oil that absorbs beautifully and softens the bathwater so you will not end up with a slippery baby. It’s free of chemical preservatives and harmful substances like PEG, SLS / SLES, phenoxyethanol, parabens or mineral oil. Yet, full of nourishing ingredients like chamomile and cottonseed oil. That’s just how we are.

Naïf Baby Nurturing Cream: It can be compared to our body lotion, just with less water, which makes it perfect for those dry spots. Oh, and another thing: it contains cottonseed oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil and macadamia oil. Perfect for soft, supple skin. No harmful substances or chemical preservatives, of course. We added allergen-free perfume to make it smell great.Trust us, you always want this tube with you.

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Free shipping in Europe from €50 outside Europe from €200

EU orders delivered within 2 working days