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Circular Face Scrub

Clean Skin, Clean Ocean

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Say hello to the new glow. New in many respects, Circular Face Scrub doesn’t only leave you with
cleansed, nourished skin; it also contributes to a better world. How? We’ll explain.

•    Its fine scrub granules are made of calcite (lime) extracted from Amsterdam’s drinking water.
•    Clean Skin, Clean Ocean: what goes through the shower drain is environmentally friendly.
•    The tube is made of bioplastic, with cane sugar as its main ingredient.
•    Scrub your face once or twice a week for beautiful, healthy skin


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Calcite from Amsterdam's Drinking Water

The Circular Face Scrub cleanses your skin and removes dead skin cells. It’s a soft scrub with fine lime granules, soft for your skin. About those granules. Amsterdam’s drinking water comes from surface water and groundwater. To make it drinkable, Waternet purifies the water in steps. Calcite (lime) is removed to soften the hard water. Through AquaMinerals, calcite finds its way to several sustainable solutions and products.

Circular Face Scrub is the first cosmetics product to carry these little, natural granules. Soft on the skin and the environment. When they end up in the shower drain, they are simply filtered out. Now they can be re-used, unlike microplastics, and applied as an ingredient for the face scrub – a circular process.



What about the other ingredients used in the scrub? They are vegan, just like our other products, and contain nothing besides natural ingredients and Naïf’s recognizable fragrance. Talk about natural. The Circular Face Scrub tube is made of bioplastic, with cane sugar as its main ingredient. Did you know 4.7 million tons of plastic finds its way to the ocean, each year? “Huh? How?” you might ask. Think about all the microplastics, microbeads and plastic granules used to create cosmetics products. We don’t want to contribute to that, so we’ve chosen to take the aforementioned path. Naïf’s mission is to create skin care products that are actually good for the skin, as well as the environment.


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