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Cleansing Wash Gel

Just add water. #benaif 

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From birth, a baby’s skin is perfect the way it is: it comes with its own protective layer. To make sure it doesn’t get damaged, our soap-free washing gel is a mild cleanser and keeps baby skin soft. Naïf Cleansing Wash Gel has been dermatologically tested and does not contain any nonsense like PEG, SLS / SLES, phenoxyethanol, parabens or mineral oil. You can even use it on extremely dry skin or eczema-affected skin.

Directions: Apply a small amount to your baby’s skin. Rinse thoroughly and dry off completely! It works in the shower and in the bath, and the best thing is that it’s tear-free. For a perfect bath time finale, moisturize your baby’s skin with our soothing body lotion or baby oil.

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The main ingredient of our wash gel is Wheat Protein and Cotton Seed Extract, both moisturize and nourishes the scalp. You will also find these ingredients our wash gel: Water, Dried Cocos fibers (provides light foam), Glycerine, Citric acid (preserves), Salt and the well-known Naïf fragrance (hypoallergenic perfume).

Want to know more about our ingredients? You can do that here.

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How to wash your baby

Bathing your baby is something magical. Often, in the beginning, both parents are involved, but there comes a time when the father has to do it alone. Help! Those little slippery arms and legs, how do you do this? – Hurray! Baby wash skills on the way!

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