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Milky Bath Oil

Babies love milk. #benaif

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  • Vegan and animal friendly
  • Suitable for newborns
  • No chemical foaming agents

It’s bath time! But be careful, water dehydrates babies’ sensitive skin. That’s why we created Naïf Milky Bath Oil. A bath oil that softens the skin and absorbs the bathwater left on your baby so you will not end up with a slippery baby. It’s free of chemical preservatives and harmful substances such as, PEG, SLS / SLES, phenoxyethanol, parabens and mineral oil. This magic formula is made with lots of nourishing ingredients like chamomile and cottonseed oil.

How to use: Draw a bath and add 10 ml of Naïf Milky Bath Oil. Give it a good ‘stir’ so it’s absorbed by the bathwater, and you’re done.

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A bath oil doesn’t need much. On the shortlist: Coconut oil, Cottonseed oil, Sunflower oil, Vitamin E, Chamomile and the well-known Naïf fragrance (hypoallergenic perfume). Want to know more about our ingredients? You can do that here.

Milky Bath Oil naif

5 x Essential ingredients in baby skincare

A baby skin is delicate, pure and sensitive. This means that it is important to only use natural and non-harmful products on your child’s skin. After all, we only want what’s best for our little ones. We have listed 5 indispensable ingredients in baby care here.

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