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Protecting Sunscreen

Kids love fun in the sun, but no one likes a fried baby. #benaif


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  • Contains natural filter
  • Water resistant
  • Protects from UVA and UVB radiation

Babies and children have sensitive skin, so it’s a good idea to protect them from the sun with products like our Naïf Protecting Sunscreen. Our sunscreen is made with ingredients which contain natural UV filters. It soothes and nourishes the skin with Jojoba Oil and contains a mineral filter  made from minerals such as Titanium Dioxide.

Most sunscreen for babies and children does not leave any residue or film. Ours does. And we have a good reason for it: the white layer is what protects the skin. Once applied, your child’s skin is protected with SPF 50 for two hours. Kids love fun in the sun, but no one likes a sunburned baby.

Naturally, our sunscreen only contains the best natural ingredients and no nonsense like PEG, SLS / SLES, phenoxyethanol, parabens or mineral oil. Our sunscreen is scented with allergen-free perfumes making it suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

Directions: Apply generously before your child goes into the sun. Repeat every two hours. Do you still need sunscreen in the shade? Yes! Even then, you still need to apply sunscreen.

Apply generously & donate

For every sunscreen sold, Naïf donates €0,50 to the Dutch Cancer Society (DCS). We hope that every sunny day will contribute in the global fight against (skin) cancer.

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A good sunscreen protects and nourishes at the same time. Therefore, the following ingredients form the basis of our cream: Water, Jojoba oil, Titanium Dioxide (acts as a mirror for the sun), Sunflower Oil, Tocopherol (vegetable vitamin E). Want to know more about our ingredients? You can do that here.

How to use: Apply well before your child goes into the sun. Re-apply every two hours. This of course does not mean that you have to be careful with the sunrays. Keep babies and children out of the sun as much as possible. Yes, you have to use sunscreen as well in the sun and shadow.

Why we choose a natural SPF filter

When you are looking for sunscreen, you have the choice between a sunscreen with a mineral or chemical filters. Chemical filters are made from synthetic, organic, substances. These filters are absorbed into the skin and absorb the UV radiation there.

Mineral filters are made from natural ingredients. The filters lay a layer on the skin, so that radiation is reflected. That is why a white haze can arise. An advantage: the skin is immediately well protected.

We use a natural filter with SPF 50 in our sunscreen. Your child is protected for two hours after it has been applied.

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Free shipping in Europe from €50 outside Europe from €200

EU orders delivered within 2 working days