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Natural Shampoo

Natural hair, don’t care. Take care. #benaïf

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  • No chemical foaming agents (SLS)
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Our Naïf Nourishing Shampoo instantly provides a good hair day. Day after day. How does it work? This natural formula has flaxseed oil, which nourishes your scalp and gives your hair its beautiful shine. It’s sulfate-free, so less foam and more cleansing. Is our shampoo suited for your hair? Just wait till you see the shine, that’s when you will know.

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In addition to the basic ingredient Water, we use dried coconut fibers and fatty acids from coconut oil for a light foaming effect. To make your hair shine and provide care we have added Linseed, because it contains a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids. And preservatives? They are all natural. Think of Salt, for example.

Want to know more about our ingredients? You can do that here.

How to use: it’s easier to make sure your hair is wet… Then massage the shampoo and leave for at least 1 minute. Enjoy your me-time and rinse. Extra boost? Conditioner is the answer.

Foam party? Thanks but no thanks.

You take a shower and you are fully soaked in foam. The rich and luxurious feeling comforts, right? Sorry babe, we chose not to use chemical foaming agents that will dry your skin. Instead, we use coconut fibers. It cleanses and nourishes, simple as that.

Read more about SLS in this blog.

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