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Shower Gel

I don’t sing in the shower, I take care of myself.’ #benaïf

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  • Hydrating linseed oil
  • Natural ingredients
  • No chemical foaming agents like SLS/SLES

Hi, beautiful woman! We know you don’t want to use harsh products in the shower, it’s just not comforting. Our Naïf Cleansing Shower Gel is skin-friendly, pure and authentic. It nourishes and hydrates thanks to the benefits of linseed oil, which leaves your skin feeling soft without all the grease. It’s just what you need, it’s perfect day or night, or even after a good workout.

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Apart from the basic ingredient Water, we use dried coconut fruit and fatty acids from coconut oil. But the real hero in this story is Linseed. This seed contains many Omega 3 fatty acids and therefore it provides a shiny, hydrated skin.

The scent of the shower gel is specially developed for Naïf and is hypoallergenic. This means that the 25 most common allergies do not stand a chance.

Do you want to know more about our ingredients? You can do that here.

How to use: make sure that your skin is moist (it’s just easier that way) and let it hydrate for a moment: 1 … 2 … Did you know that the best ideas come up in the shower? And rinse off …

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Let's talk about SLS

Many people believe that a product cleans well when it foams big time. Sorry to burst your bubble – foam is caused by chemical foaming agents (SLS / SLES). This actually dries out your skin. We therefore choose our ingredients as mild as possible, that won’t damage the skin and only use nurturing variants that make you and your skin happy.

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