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The Face Kit

Everything you need for a personal skincare routine


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  • The skincare routine for a healthy skin
  • Cleanses and nourishes suitable for every skin type
  • In a festive gift packaging

The most natural skincare routine in one box! Cleaning and care are crucial to maintain a healthy skin. With this face kit you’re not only doing your skin some good, but also the environment. Our products only contain natural oils and our circular face scrub is made from calcite that’s derived from Dutch drinking water. Elevate your skincare with this face kit. 

The Face Kit (worth €60,85) contains 3 products: Naïf Nurturing Day cream with a natural SPF6 (t.w.v €22,95) | Naïf Nurturing Night Cream (t.w.v €22,95) | Circular Face Scrub (t.w.v €14,95)

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Did you know that a rested body equals beautiful skin?

If you sleep less than 6 hours a night, you are likely to look dull and tired. In general, it is advised that you sleep at least 8 hours per night. This is especially important now than ever because we are constantly dealing with a lot of stress and the body needs its rest. Read more on how the lack of sleep can affect your skin here.



Why Naif?
Every person is born naively by nature: honest, uninhibited and innocent. We would like to keep it that way by making the most natural skin care. We do this with natural ingredients, natural packaging and a natural look.

Naïf products are made with natural ingredients such as avocado oil and sweet almond oil, but also zinc oxide and chamomile for healing and cooling down the baby skin. The well-known Naïf fragrance is an allergen-free perfume, which prevents skin irritation.Learn more about our ingredients here.

Packaging & how to recycle
The Naïf tubes are made from bioplastic and are made from sugar cane – which means that including transport, they have a negative (in this case positive) CO2 emission. You can recognize the bioplastic tubes by the logo on the top left of the packaging. When the tube is empty, unscrew the cap and throw both parts into the plastic waste. Why do I have to unscrew the cap? Because they are still made of PET because of the firmness (work in progress).

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