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Travel Kit

Don’t forget the hippo. #benaif

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I’m going on a trip, what should I take? The Naïf Travel Kit of course! It’s perfect for your travels, when your little one spends the night somewhere else. The Travel Kit contains four handy travel-sized products which won’t give you any trouble at customs. We’ve also included a toiletry bag made from recycled cardboard and a super light Dummy Cloth.

Travel Kit includes:

Softening Body Lotion: For every day. Hydrates, nourishes and recovers. Great for after a hot shower or bath.

Nourishing Shampoo: It’s pretty surprising to see what you can find in your little one’s hair sometimes. With our nourishing shampoo you can get it cleaned up and back into shape. And most importantly, it’s tear-free!

Cleansing Wash Gel: With Naïf soap-free Cleansing Wash Gel you’ll get your toddler cleaned up in no time: marker-ridden hands and faces covered in soup – no problem. Our nourishing wash gel is gentle on the skin and is suitable for extremely dry skin or eczema-affected skin.

Nurturing Cream: The perfect cream for those dry spots or eczema-affected skin. Our Nurturing Cream nourishes, protects and repairs.

Dummy Cloth: It is super light and available in different colors.

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Ingredients we use

What does Naïf contain? Or, better yet: what do these ingredients entail? At Naïf we keep things as simple as possible. No-nonsense products that do exactly what they are supposed to do: provide you with a fresh look at cosmetics. They nourish, clean and give you a healthy glow, literally from head to toe. Learn more about our ingredients here.

Our baby products: what to use and when to use?

For a new parent, choosing baby products for your child can be confusing. It is not unusual for new parents to accumulate a lot of baby products. However, at Naïf, we believe that body care should be simple. This is why we only make products that your baby really need. Read more on how to use our products here.

Our baby products: what to use and when to use?

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