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Weather Protection Cream

baby it’s cold outside

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  • Perfect for cold and harsh weather
  • Tops up the natural barrier baby’s face and hands
  • Vegan and without animal fats

The vulnerable skin of the youngest can react in quite a strong way to the cold weather. The skin reacts to cold with dryness, redness or irritation which can be very painful. We do not want that. That is the reason why we have developed the Weather Protection Cream: a nourishing cream rich in almond oil, carnauba wax and shea butter. It protects your child’s skin and keeps it supple. Of course our cream is without any chemicals or animal fats. Aaaand…it is suitable for you as well! For example when doing winter sports.

Weather Protection Cream perfectly suitable for newborns, children and adults.


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When it’s cold outside, your skin can use an extra protection layer. We do this with a special ingredient: carnauba wax. It is made from palm leaves and it is our herbal alternative to wool wax. Carnauba wax has a moisturizing film-forming and protective effect. Almond oil and shea butter ensure a soft and well-tended skin.

You want to learn more about our ingredients? Check our ingredient list.

Nurturing Cream vs. Weather Protection Cream

As temperatures drop, our skin changes. This is followed by red chapped cheeks on your mini-me. In some cases the skin gets enough nutrients from the Nurturing Cream, others may nees an extra nourishing cream. Especially for the really cold and hard days, runny noses and watery eyes.

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