Why our shampoo doesn’t foam

23 November 2018 by Charles Beaumont

After a day of work, a shower feels good. Me-time. Your hair and body completely covered in scented shower foam. The more, the better, right? Sorry my love we have some news: what makes your hair foamy can also make you lose it (source: De Goede Gids, Marieke Eyskoot, NL).

Did you know our skin is our largest organ. The baby skin in particular has a lot more skin than an adult (7m2) and is much thinner. Harmful substances in daily care products can therefore penetrate the skin more easily. You don’t want that. To help you out, we have formulated a clear NO logo, in other words, ingredients that we would rather not use.

About foaming agents such as SLS and SLES

Foam parties under the shower – the more foam, the cleaner. Sorry to burst your bubble. We do not use SLS and SLES, a clear NO-go. That is why the Naïf shampoo wont foam as much as you are used to. SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, provides the foaming effect, but also dissolves your own fats (causing your skin to dry out) and cause hair loss.

What do we use?

Dried pulp of the coconut. Its mild, cleanses your hair and is biodegradable. Exactly what you need in a shampoo.

Why is SLS used in beauty products?

There are many chemicals in the current care products on the market. The reason is simple; because it is a cheaper alternative than natural substances (that does not mean that more expensive products are free of chemicals, but the glossy advertising of these brands also costs money).

We already read more labels, time to take a closer look at your care products!

Naïf shampoo, € 9.95
Our Naïf Nourishing Shampoo provides an instant good hair day. Every day, if you want to. The natural formula with flaxseed oil nourishes, takes care of your scalp en makes your hair shine. gives your hair shine. Because no chemical sulphates have been added, the shampoo will not foam extremely, but we promise it will clean your hair. Suitable for every hair type.

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