What do our logos mean?

  • I'm Green Plastic

    Plastic waste is an increasing problem. We therefor decided to use tubes made from sugar can and carry out the I am green logo. We are proud of making this step to participating in a greener world. Normal plastic is made from petroleum, while this form of (bio) plastic consists of ethanol, extracted from 100% sugar cane. This reduces CO2 emissions. Sugar cane is extracted from Brazil, the largest supplier of sugar cane. A lot of residual waste is released during the production of this. Residual waste that you can still do a lot with, such as making (bio) plastic. This way, you don’t need to use fossil fuels and there is no extra harvesting. Great, right?

    P.S: You can throw away the bio plastic tubes in the plastic bin. Please make sure to separate the lid from the tube before throwing it away.

  • I am vegan

    We did not like the idea of making use of animal derived ingredients, so from day one we decided to embed only making use of plant-based ingredients in our philosophy. By using the vegan logo, you can rest assure that we only use plant-based ingredients. Plus: all our products are free from animal testing, which also applies to the products

  • Zero Plastic Inside

    Naïf is one of the few brands that carry out the “Zero Plastic Inside” logo by the Plastic Soup Foundation in their campaign against microbeads. These Microbeads are small pieces of plastic that end up in our water systems, through among other cosmetics and skincare products. Brands who are plastic-free are entitled to use the “Zero Plastic Inside” logo and declare that the products are 100% free of microplastics. For more information go to www.beatthemicrobead.org.

  • What does the Triman logo mean?

    The Triman logo stems forth from the French regulations. The symbol is intended to make you (as a consumer) aware to separate materials for recycling purposes. For example, you can simply throw Naïf tubes away in the plastic bin, as bioplastic will be carefully separated from regular plastic during the recycling process.

  • What does the RSPO logo mean?

    Some Naïf products use ingredients (sucrose palmitate) that are derived from RSPO-certified palm oil. No valuable forest can be harvested for palm oil produced under the conditions of the RSPO. Land use agreements have been made with the local population. The employees also earn a decent salary and child labor is prohibited. More information on this at www.rspo.org.

What we don't use